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Language: English

Duration: 8 Classes (16 hours)

Maximum Class Size: 10 students

Ages: 18 years and older

Location: Tutor's Treehouse - 4852 W. 190th Street Torrance, CA 90503

Key Activities: Speed dating / Dating Profile Creation

Objective: Students will complete the program with a demonstrated competency of modern American practices related to dating, romance, and love. Students will also gain a new mastery of basic English language concepts as they describe who they are, what they like, and learn to make requests. 

Language Learning 




The secret to learning English language is embodied in this fun, interactive, customizable game! Adults and children enjoy personalized experiences that work with the way that he/she/they learn. Sensitive to communities that have diagnosed and/or undiagnosed conditions, this community influenced phenomenon is the fun new way to learn languages!

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