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Tutor’s Treehouse FAQ




Q. When am I able to enroll my child?

Tutor’s Treehouse has open enrollment for all programs all year long!

Q.How do I enroll my student?
Fill out a contact form on our ‘contact us’ page and we’ll send you our enrollment documents, convenient no-touch remote pay instructions, and schedule your child’s first day!


Q.Is there a registration fee?
No. All we need is a deposit of your first service with us to get started. The deposit will be used immediately for the services indicated.


Q.Is there a contract?
No. We do not require time commitments at our center. You can unenroll at any time by giving notice.


Q.What time does Tutor’s Treehouse open and close?
Our center is currently open from 8:00 am through 6:30 pm.


Q.How does school pick-up work?
We currently offer pick-up at no additional cost for our after-school program if your child’s school is within a 2 mile radius of our center. We generate a schedule based on the days that your child attends our program and the times that he/she is dismissed on those days. Students will be advised of the tutor that will pick them up, what vehicle, and where to meet the tutor for prompt pick-up service.


Q. How does the E-learning program work?
Students arrive as early as 8am and are picked-up from our center as late as 6:30 pm and receive support from a designated tutor that assists with sign-in and out of e-learning programs, completion of class and homework assignments, and communicates with the student’s teacher directly on behalf of parents and students if needed . We work to ensure that homework completion and submission is effortless and timely with support from parents and local teachers.


Q. How many students work in one group?
In alignment with the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety regulations, we currently have a strict limit of up to 8 students per group. Students stay with the same group of children throughout the day to ensure that we are able to monitor and facilitate healthy practices to prevent and stop the spread or illnesses.


Q. What is the minimum age requirement?
School-aged students are welcomed at a minimum of 4.5 years of age (must be potty-trained and able to express ideas and needs clearly)


Q. Is before school or after-school care available?
Both before and after-school care is available! As these are separate programs and require different structures, we advise you to contact us directly to set up the perfect program for you.


Q. What districts do you work with?
We most closely work with Torrance Unified School District, Redondo Unified School District, Hermosa Beach Unified School District, Lawndale Elementary School District and Los Angeles Unified School District.

We’ve compiled a selection of commonly asked questions below. We’re always working to improve our answer archive, so please let us know if you can’t find the information that you are looking for and we’ll do our best to help.

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