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We're excited to offer phenomenal P.E experiences as well as skill acquisition activities! Most activities offered help support discipline and focus which we believe tremendously support your child's academics and general well-being. We aim to offer activities that allow your child to gain skills that will positively imact them for a lifetime!

Don't see an activity that you like? Let us know by messaging us in our chatbox or fill out our contact fom. Opportunity awaits!



Kung-Fu/ Tai Chi

Duration: 45 Minutes

Maximum Class Size: 12 students

Instructor: Shifu Todd Ireland

Ages: 5+

Location: Tutor's Treehouse Studio - 4850 W. 190th Street Torrance, CA 90503

Possible Benefits: Discipline, flexibility, stress relief, focus, relaxation, reduce impulsivity, improve emotional regulation, manage anxiety, strength.


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