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Our mission is to offer the BEST services available in our field, make meaningful connections in the communities that we work with, and leave students and parents/guardians moved and inspired by what we do.  

Tutor's Treehouse focuses on assisting students from Transitional kindergarten through high school with their academic performance, remote learning, physical activities, and discipline. 

Our programs are designed by teams that include activity coaches, tutors, teachers, directors, and parents to provide a well-rounded program that we all believe will positively impact your child's experience while allowing them to have as much fun as possible.

Tutors at Tutor's Treehouse play a major role in helping students complete their school work, prepare for school exams, and improve any subjects that the student may be struggling with. Tutors also focus on developing a student's reading comprehension and math skills on a routine basis.

As we continue to work on our goals, we acknowledge that tutors are an important part of this process because who they are and what they do while working in one of our facilities or working to achieve their own dreams in their personal lives is a representation of our center.  

As a role model and leader, tutors are expected to guide children to learn respect, discipline, and independence. 


Aside from academic and physical focuses, we also help our students develop their soft skills. The emphasis includes: 

  • Respecting teachers and other adults. 

  • Respecting fellow students. 

  • Being honest. 

  • Developing independence and discipline. 


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